The Animus Vox are said to be Harnessers  who have achieved the height of their respective Harness and earned a transformation into an embodiment of the element they have mastered.

They are a subject of mythology and story-telling, often said to be the assistants of Exorsus. There are no official records of any Harnesser becoming an Animus Vox. Maailma folklore tells tales of the Animus Vox having been so powerful at some point that they were locked away in the catacombs of Exoria by a trio of SkyEarth, and Life Harnessers in fear of becoming overpowered.

In reality, they are beings that are charged with indirectly guarding Maailma. They work in conjunction with Mordaspectre (guardians of humanoid species). Certain individuals are part of a Grand Council that oversees the actions of all Mordaspectre and Animus Vox.