The Vultus Amoveo are humanoid beings who have an inconsistent DNA make-up that they are able to manipulate to match other creatures'. They are essentially shape shifters and are referred to as such. They often leave their fellow species in adolescence and are found mostly among other species. Vultus Amoveo are taught the art of mimicry from an early age, covering impressionism of voice and behavior, in order to successfully mimic other beings. Because of this, they are speculated to have the power to read minds, but this is false. Vultus Amoveo are incapable of having Harnesses due to their unstable biology. They also have their own Caeus Acritas league, which acts as more of a special operations organization that prioritizes information gathering and reconnaissance as opposed to engaging in combat.   Because of their DNA make-up, this species has the capability to discontinue their aging process, but not avoid death (in layman's terms; they can still die, just not by aging). They are allowed to remain their true age as long as they wish (as in, in years, they are 30 and will remain as such, not counting their transformations into other beings) via means of making a deal with an unknown being--presumably someone with high authority amongst the species--that most do not usually take. The reason for this is that no one actually knows what the deal is, but common sense points at a hefty price having to be paid for technical immortality. The best way to identify a Vultus Amoveo who has made this deal is looking for abnormal eye and skin color. A notable Vultus Amoveo is Ainsley Smith, first mate of the Rara Avis.